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Your Emotional Wellness Center

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This is your place to reach the level of mental wellness you desire, just because you are important!
With us you will find:

  • People who really care about you
  • A new perspective about human being, with no judgements
  • A way to rescue and reach your actual personality
  • Access to our bookstore to purchase our books
  • Information, registration and access to our exclusive Personal Growth courses


To strengthen individuals, from a different and integrating perspective of human and personal development, so that they can contribute the best of themselves to their company and society.


To be the best and most reliable Inner Strengthening Center.

Core Values

To be the most humane, practical, reliable, realistic and decisive option to achieve team integration, increase productivity and develop identification with the organization through the achievement of individual well-being.

Services we offer

  • A different kind of Coaching for you to reach your inner strength
  • Coaching for adolescents, adults, couples and families
  • Detection of your essential personality profile
  • Coaching to discover your professional path
  • Courses for your Human Growth
  • Conferences and workshops
  • Outsourcing for human resources selection
  • Coaching for teams, schools and organizations

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Online Bookstore

This place is where you will find and buy the books that we have written for you.

Academy under the OntoPsyche® theory

  • Inner Strengthening Coaches Training and Certification
  • Self-discovery and personal development courses
  • Training for questionnaire application
  • Personality profiling training

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