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Us is a simple word used to represent how magical there can be between a you and a me. However, when there is a lack of knowledge and understanding of who is who in the Us, misunderstandings often arise that create conflict and complicate the relationship.

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Us: Handbook for Understanding Your Life cover

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Handbook for Understanding Your Life

Author: Dr. Aníbal P. Santoro


ISBN: 978-1-961728-07-3
Language: English (also in Spanish)
Pages: 106
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Hello, it's Aníbal

Aníbal P. Santoro was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1960. He is a doctor in psychoanalysis, master in psychoanalytic psychotherapy, expert in metapsychology and psychoanalytic research from a perspective focused on individuals and their essential reality. He is also a certified executive and team coach and a lecturer.

He accumulates over 20 years of professional experience, being co-creator of the OntoPsyche® theory, axis of his onto-humanist school of psychoanalysis, based on which he has presented innovative works and given courses and lectures at international congresses.

He is co-author of the books EnneaPsyche, One Among Nine, the two volumes of OntoPsyche - Beyond the Enneagram and the Psychoanalysis, entitled The Essence of Your Self and Your Dynamic Strengths, and writes monthly in magazines in Latin America and South Florida, USA.

He is co-founder of THINSCEN, The Inner Strengthening Center in Miami, USA, accompanying people to transform their lives on a personal and professional level.


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Testimonial From Readers

“Con la lectura de este libro se replantea si tenemos o no el permiso interior para relacionarnos en libertad, dado que queda demostrado que hay muchas formas diferentes, naturales y normales para ser. Aporta suficientes datos para despertar la curiosidad y querer conocer más; sin embargo, resulta importante descubrir tanto que nadie cambia por otra persona como que cada persona debería aceptar que está bien que sea como es. Cosas para aceptar de mí, y para fortalecerme, junto con la gran pregunta que me libera para relacionarme con la otra persona: 'Sabiendo que es como es y que nada la va a cambiar ¿quiero y me merezco entrar a una relación si no me siento completamente feliz?' Este libro permite reconocer nuestro deseo a querer vivir junto a alguien compatible (que no tiene por qué ser igual a mí) y encontrar la verdadera felicidad siendo auténticos con nosotros mismos.”

Claudia B. Psychoanalyst

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